Why You Should Consider a Virtual Reality Showroom

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Why You Should Consider a Virtual Reality Showroom

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Virtual Reality (VR) has the potential to change the way we shop. VR environments could replace traditional showroom spaces, giving consumers an up-close look at products. VR technology can also improve retail experience in other ways, such as allowing shoppers to create custom outfits and previewing furniture in their home before buying. This article explores some of the benefits of VR showrooms and what they mean for retailers.

Why retailers should offer a virtual reality showroom?

Even if you’re not familiar with VR, you may know a few people who are. According to Facebook’s data, more than 700 million people worldwide are using Facebook’s Oculus Rift VR headset, and roughly 150 million have used an HTC Vive VR device. VR use is growing quickly, so why not jump on the bandwagon? 

More people than ever before are using VR technology to shop. When virtual reality technology comes to the stores, consumers can engage in personalized retail experiences before they even buy. The Future of the Virtual Reality Showroom The three main purposes of the virtual reality showroom are to offer the customer an immersive experience, offer the shopper a better understanding of a product and engage the shopper in the purchasing decision-making process.

What is a virtual reality showroom?

Virtual reality showrooms allow shoppers to explore home decor, furniture, accessories, and other products in an immersive environment. Imagine you were viewing a new couch, using VR glasses to view a scene from different angles and interact with the virtual reality furniture. This provides a more comfortable, unique shopping experience because you can quickly preview the products in various configurations in your home and get an idea of how they will look in your space. Related: Is Virtual Reality an Addictive Addiction? What is the impact of a virtual reality showroom? More than just a visual experience, virtual reality shows can also improve the way customers interact with retailers.

Who benefits from a virtual reality showroom?

Although VR technology has already been put to use in parts of the retail industry, its impact is currently focused on e-commerce, with companies like Urban Outfitters introducing VR apps on their mobile apps. To take the next step, they are working with HTC, creators of the Vive VR headset. 

The company has already created a VR app called 3D Room, which lets customers explore how their furniture will look in their homes. The idea of a virtual showroom is a positive development. E-commerce is very convenient for consumers. Their interests and wants are already at the forefront of their minds, so it is easy to walk in and buy anything they are interested in. However, retailers are working to get the opposite effect.

What can it do for customers?

Virtual reality showrooms allow customers to not only see a product in their home, but see how it would look in their home. This allows customers to see how furniture would look in their living room before they make a purchase. The technology also allows people to shop for multiple products, giving the customer a wider array of options to view in one visit. This allows customers to try on outfits and try to fit the clothes in their home without purchasing the item. This is ideal for online or e-commerce customers, as it eliminates the need to travel to a store to try on clothes and try on furniture.

What can it do for retail employees?

VR technology offers workers new ways to engage with customers and improve customer service. It allows them to make personal interactions and feel closer to their target audience. For example, virtual showrooms could be used to train salespeople to provide virtual tours to consumers who may not have access to traditional showrooms. 

VR technology can also help retailers develop new products, offer a tailored experience to customers, and provide in-depth product information. Some studies have shown that virtual reality can improve employee retention by reducing employee turnover and lowering turnover costs. What are some of the benefits to consumers?


Shoppers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their retail experience. But retailers also want to provide a cohesive experience, and having a showroom makes sense. It’s a great way to provide insight to potential customers and build rapport with them. Additionally, having VR technology could improve the overall shopping experience by allowing shoppers to virtually try on different products and find a design that fits them better.

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