Why You Need to Build App User Flow Diagrams
for your mobile app development?

In mobile app design, the user flow is the how the user will move through the content – text, images, audio and video in your mobile app development. Designing user flows can help you to prioritize content requirements, in terms of what the user is trying to accomplish and how to get them to the right place in order to achieve this in the most efficient way possible.

This includes highlighting potential barriers in the navigation flow as well as finding the quickest and least painful route to complete an intended action. With a much smaller screen and limited navigation and interaction options, defining the user flow in your mobile app UX design is essential. We have an awesome post on user flows and which tools to design them with if you want to learn more on the topic.

How App User Flow Designer get
started with user flows

Before our App UX design and App user flow team start designing your user flows, you need to understand your personas’ needs. Users won’t land on your site or app out of nowhere – they will be coming from different entry points. These include, but are not limited to, direct traffic, organic search, social media sites, and paid advertising. How users end up on your site or app really depends on their needs and expectations regarding your service or product. On top of this, users have different levels of knowledge and different expectations. Therefore it’s important to first define personas, and then focus on finding the best way for each persona to navigate your site.

Our UX design team and App user flow perform user testing with real users to collect the data. This data will indicate how to prioritize the flows that will most impact your target user groups. By testing real users, you’ll get insights into visitor types and you can then create custom user flows accordingly.

App user flow digram miracle digital

What App Development Agency Miracle user flow team can do for you

Our App UX design team define clear objectives, or requirements, your user flow with our clients. Objectives keep our team on track throughout the entire process of web or mobile creation. And when it comes to user flow, documenting our client’s objectives clearly will ensure that your design flows meet all of them.

With a clear idea of the personas in mind, Miracle App design and App development team start to define our client’s objectives. Choose a requirements definition and management tool that allows you to trace your user and business objectives alongside your designing your flow.

Figma & Sketch allows you to integrate your requirements in your wireframe tool. We can link requirements directly to elements in the user interface to track them and simulate them for visualization of our client’s objectives in real-time. You can even link the same requirement to more than one element for enhanced requirements definition.

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The user journey is also a part of this. You might use lots of methods of attracting visitors to your e-commerce site, including:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) to help them find your content and products
  • Email marketing for people who’ve already been to your site
  • Search engine marketing, including pay per click ads targeted to people looking for information about specific product categories
  • Content marketing, including videos, social media posts, podcasts and blog posts that lead people back to your site
  • Social media ads
  • Offline promotions

The source may affect what people expect, and how they interact with your site once they get there.

Plus, everyone has different motivations when they shop, and that affects user flow. Three people might end up buying the same product, but one person might follow a promotion for that specific product, another might be just browsing the category generally, and a third might look for products within a price range. Each of those will have a different user flow.

Cost is entirely depending on the amount time spending and complexity of customized design and development. We do offer business-specific products to obtain the cost as minimum as possible, however, customization services on design and/or development is billed correspondingly. It’s our pleasure to come up with the best solution for your website!

We mostly build our websites on Content Management System (CMS). CMS enables our users who have little knowledge on coding language to update their websites at any time. We will customize a bespoke solution for you based on your requirements. Most of our clients prefer websites are created on Fusion CMS as it is a systematic and user-friendly platform. It connects with many other e-commerce platforms with full digital marketing platform.

The e-commerce environment in Hong Kong is being more prosperous and competitive, its share of overall retail sales raises sharply. More and more brands value the importance of digital marketing, spending higher expenses on marketing promotional strategies. To be outstanding from keen competition, it is necessary to focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics. 

It is definitely helpful for boosting up exposure rate in search engines result pages and Google Shopping Interface. By utilising additional digital marketing tactics such as Paid Search, Social Media Advertising, and on-site conversion rate optimization to design an efficient digital marketing plan.

We highly recommend developing a modern e-commerce website accompanying with wide-ranging digital transformation strategies:

– Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics is beneficial to visibility enhancement on search engine results page

– Additional marketing tactics like Paid Search, Social Media Advertising as well as on-site conversion rate optimisation should make up part of any strong digital marketing plan

All of our websites are created with well-performed and unique practices without bloated code, increasing exposure rate on search engines and boosting up SEO ranking.

An SEO audit is comprised of current frequently appeared keywords, SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) strategy, the generated data points strengths and weaknesses according to website traffic and content quality. There is a rich database for information and installation in SEO audit, which is immensely helpful for strategy moving forward onto website and recommendations.

The user flow diagram is where you put all this information together, and see how to help users better achieve their goals. When you do this, you make more sales, so you can meet your business goals, too.

First, use a diagram creator to map what’s happening now. Remember, be aware of:

  • Where people enter and leave your site
  • What brought them to the site
  • What devices they’re using to browse your site
  • Whether they are new or repeat visitors
  • How many paths they can take to achieve a particular action
  • Where you are losing their attention – and why

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