What is WooCommerce development agency and how does it stand out
from other eCommerce web design solutions?

Miracle’s WooCommerce development solution stands out not only for being free but also open source, it is an especially advisable option for those who have previous experience with WordPress. WooCommerce e-commerce web design can be configured to sell physical, virtual, or downloadable products. It can also be adapted to affiliate systems and other business models. WooCommerce development Agency Miracle’s eCommerce websites are built on WordPress with WooCommerce. This allows us to provide affordable web solutions without needing to compromise on design or performance.

Why choose WooCommerce eCommerce solution as a development tool

Miracle’s WooCommerce Development solution is an excellent performance is hampered with Plugins. WooCommerce Web Design & WooCommerce Development Community you will find abundant documentation, articles, and informative guides. WooCommerce development is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web and is used by more than 3 million online shops. WooCommerce gives you the tools to make your store as beautiful as it is secure, and helps you grow your business according to your needs. It’s never been easier or safer to start an eCommerce website. 

With WooCommerce development, you can focus on what you do best, while we handle design, coding, hosting, payments and much more! WooCommerce Development solution supports multiple payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Alipay, etc, there is a number of services and third-party tools you can integrate to grow your business.

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What WooCommerce Development Agency Miracle can do for you

Woocommerce Development Agency Miracles has an extensive portfolio of eCommerce websites including but not limited to Online shop corporate sites, marketing websites, and so forth. Woocommerce Web Desgn Agency Miracle is experienced in designing and developing eCommerce websites and can help you redesign your site to provide a mobile-friendly experience and focus on user online shopping journey.

Conversion is one of the main factors influencing the shop’s total sales. Without a working conversion path, getting traffic to your Woocommerce development website doesn’t mean better results. User journey testing at the design stage can save a lot of time and increase the website’s efficiency after it’s going live.

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First thing first, kick-off meeting with project manager and UI/UX designer is necessary in order to discuss the scope of work, goals and perfectly a precise design concept discussion. Designer will start working on logo, mood board and homepage design, it should be start processing before assembling contents. Project manager will provide you guidelines on content accumulation as there will be higher attractiveness if contents are matching up with the design theme.

Moving to next step, an SEO Audit will be conducted to go through the results with your talents. When we have gathered over 80% of the contents with approved designs, we will be started working on web development stage. After your website is finished, we will offer training to your professionals about content generation and renewal. A launch window of your website will be sent out as soon as possible when we are sure your staff familiarise with it. We will cooperate in order to optimise business strategies and expand your business after launch.

Cost is entirely depending on the amount time spending and complexity of customized design and development. We do offer business-specific products to obtain the cost as minimum as possible, however, customization services on design and/or development is billed correspondingly. It’s our pleasure to come up with the best solution for your website!

Our WooCommerce developer mostly build our websites on Content Management System (CMS). CMS enables our users who have little knowledge on coding language to update their websites at any time. We will customize a bespoke solution for you based on your requirements. Most of our clients prefer websites are created on Fusion CMS as it is a systematic and user-friendly platform. It connects with many other e-commerce platforms with full digital marketing platform.

The e-commerce environment in Hong Kong is being more prosperous and competitive, its share of overall retail sales raises sharply. More and more brands value the importance of digital marketing, spending higher expenses on marketing promotional strategies. To be outstanding from keen competition, it is necessary to focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics. 

It is definitely helpful for boosting up exposure rate in search engines result pages and Google Shopping Interface. By utilising additional digital marketing tactics such as Paid Search, Social Media Advertising, and on-site conversion rate optimization to design an efficient digital marketing plan.

We highly recommend developing a modern e-commerce website accompanying with wide-ranging digital transformation strategies:

– Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics is beneficial to visibility enhancement on search engine results page

– Additional marketing tactics like Paid Search, Social Media Advertising as well as on-site conversion rate optimisation should make up part of any strong digital marketing plan

All of our websites are created with well-performed and unique practices without bloated code, increasing exposure rate on search engines and boosting up SEO ranking.

An SEO audit is comprised of current frequently appeared keywords, SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) strategy, the generated data points strengths and weaknesses according to website traffic and content quality. There is a rich database for information and installation in SEO audit, which is immensely helpful for strategy moving forward onto website and recommendations.

When it comes to a website, it is not just about its appearance, but also site architecture and back-end technology, these greatly influence the Google ranking and user experience review towards your website. 

We all know the importance of graphic and content updates, however, if your website is not reaching industry benchmark such as site speed, mobile responsiveness, and content architecture, maybe this is a chance to re-evaluate your choice. Setting up a new website has lower production cost than fixing old website because developers will not be spending time on tackling unknown issues. Moreover, modern websites have high sustainability, providing more available functions to maintain the operation, convenience, and competitiveness of your website in the future.

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