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Miracle Hong Kong has been a leading architectural and interior design Augmented (AR) solutions, Virtual Reality (VR) solutions, 3D content and VR Agency in Hong Kong. Our VR Development team prides itself as one of the pioneering VR Solution companies in Hong Kong. Our VR Development team explores the home remodeling industry, helping businesses to increase both their sales and design efficiency by AR and VR solutions in Hong Kong.

Miracle Hong Kong AR and VR solution’s deep-rooted heritage in VFX and CGI production is combined with an industry-defining approach to virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and experiential marketing. We have a proven track record in creating memorable experiences that connect audiences, evoke emotion, and leave a positive lasting impression.

Our VR Development team produce quality, story-driven, fully immersive, and interactive experiences, and offer new and exciting ways to engage audiences. An outstanding team equipped with extensive skill sets and the latest digital toolkits, we are the one-stop-shop for AR and VR Showroom in HK.

Web Virtual Reality (VR)

Miracle Hong Kong WebVR solution team of engineers and designers have decades of experience strategizing and developing everything from themed VR worlds to transformative user experiences. WebVR is the most scalable version of VR solution and the most accessible to the masses.

WebVR uses your smartphone to run a web browser to produce visuals in a split screen stereo image. Slip the phone into the VR device which then separates the split screen image. The VR device can either be handheld or strapped on to your face.


Interior Design Virtual Reality

Emerged as a powerful tool to link your design with your customers. Miracle realizes your interior design in Virtual Reality.

The advantage of VR solution as opposed to via a computer is the fact that the user is able to get a real sense for the dimensions of the object. As the computing power of VR devices improve, allowing graphics to become ever more realistic, virtual showrooms may begin to displace traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Interior Design VR

Interior Rendering

Miracle Digital provides top quality 3D VR interior Design visualization services for clients who are based in every corner of the world. Our VR Interior Design team stress specific needs by offering design services for a wide range of clients ranging from homeowners to commercial space owners. Our Interior VR Design solution makes use of the latest tools and technology (3ds max, Vray, Unreal Engine, and Unity 3D) to give you the desired quality.

Interior VR Rendering

HTC Vive Virtual Reality Solution HK

Miracle VR Solution produces quality, story-driven, fully immersive and interactive experiences, and offer new and exciting ways to engage audiences. An outstanding VR development team equipped with extensive skill sets and the latest digital toolkits for HTC Vive.

HTC Vive involves head-mounted displays (HMDs) that are tethered to a robust PC. WithHTC Vive, your visuals are generated from the powerful graphics card of the PC and projected through the display in the HMD. You may also have other inputs such as handheld devices that track your hand position and are used to select and interact with items in the virtual space.

Architectural Design Virtual Reality

Communicate your vision with greater clarity and gain the trust of clients. Make decisions with speed and confidence by experiencing a true to scale space. Run QA/QC to catch costly coordination issues.

With VR technology, you have the ability to internally review new designs with near perfect fidelity. Quickly make and review design changes with your team and the customer. Connect remote teams and allow them to speak the common language of visualization. With efficient communication, it’s faster to make final decisions, and quicker decisions means hitting deadlines. That translates to the bottom line on any project.

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