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Aviation catalogue website revamp

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Asian Sky Group is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices throughout the Asia-Pacific region. ASG has assembled an experienced team to provide a range of independent business and general aviation services.

ASG sales and business development teams are based out of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Singapore – through established long-standing relationships with industry peers throughout the world ASGs reach expands to Middle East Africa Europe America.


Asian Sky Group





The Asian Sky Group approached Miracle Website Design & Web Development Agency to create a visually dynamic and futuristic web design that is aimed towards attracting their main target audience. Our creative, talented team of website designers designed and developed an easy-to-use site which is responsive in desktop, tablet, and mobile formats.

Overall with its futuristic touches and contemporary stylings our site can highlight the core brand value of the business as well as provide meaningful content for it’s teams’ projects/experiences which has been specifically tailored to engage it’s target audience very well.

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