Talon Esport

Professional esports organisation Web design and Development

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Talon is a professional esports organization competing in triple-A gaming titles with a growing presence in the Asia Pacific (currently Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan). In addition to competitive gaming, Talon produces high quality, documentary grade video content focusing on the areas of gameplay, lifestyle, sports psychology and art.









Talon approaches Website Design & Web Development Agency Miracle to create a visually dynamic and futuristic web design that is aimed towards attracting their main target audience. Our Website Design team designed and developed a user-friendly site which is responsive in Desktop, Tablet and mobile. 

Overall, with its futuristic touches and contemporary stylings, our talented creative website design team created a website that’s able to showcase the core brand value of the website, their teams and ambitions it provides and specifically touches and involves the target audience very well.

Talon esport Miracle HK scaled

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