Flavour of life

Export and importers of craft sake and wine from Japan

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Flavour of Life is a export and importers of craft sake and wine from Japan and across the World. They offer a broad selection of products from our producers with an emphasis on seasonality. With operations in Tokyo and Hong Kong we are always looking for importers, distributers and sake/wine enthusiasts. 


Flavour of life





Flavour of Life approached Website Design & Web Development Agency Miracle with the desire to showcase the company visions and services with the website. Our talented Website Design team’ve designed a very user-friendly site with a clean UX web design and an intuitive UI web design to give customers and potential clients an easy-to-navigate experience. Our Website Design team’ve also designed coach detail pages to allow users to get an impression of their professional and enthusiast for a healthy life. Overall, the website design helped garner more customers for Flavour of Life and expand their client base in Hong Kong.

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