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China Overseas is one of the largest real estate developers and operators in mainland China and one of the largest construction contractors in Hong Kong and Macau.



China Oversea


Real Estate development



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In June 1979, as China forged ahead with reform and opening up, China Overseas was set up in Hong Kong. As the operational platform in Hong Kong and Macau and the property business flagship of CSCEC (ranked 23rd among the Global 500), China Overseas has remained loyal to its mission of “Developing Hong Kong and Macau. Prospering the motherland. Serving the community”. It has strived to advance, working hard with passion for business development, with love for the country and dedication to shouldering responsibility, to spread love and care for China and Hong Kong. With utmost respect for “One Country, Two System” and in step with the country’s reform and opening up efforts, it has built a business model supported by a complete industry chain that stretches from investment, construction to operation, giving it strong competitive advantages in realizing its value, that is to achieve growth, prosperity and a win-win outcome with the cities of today. With this at heart, China Overseas has risen to rank among the largest real estate developers and operators in mainland China and the largest construction contractors in Hong Kong and Macau today.

Our Website design & Development solution was a balance between contemporary animated features, such as image sliders, beautiful hovers, and a customised cursor, mixed with editorial style layout and fonts, and bold block colours. One of the main features for us to get funky with was creating an high-impact, interactive landing screen for the site that would stay fresh over time. The concept our website design and development team moved forwards with was a randomised coloured screen and mission statement which magnified on the scroll of the users mouse. Simple but bold, it creates a unique look that makes China Overseas 40th Anneversory stand out in the crowd.

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