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The process of App UX design for any mobile application is a very responsible stage on the way to the final product, which will satisfy the user. App UX Design process is the basis for successful App UI Design as it develops the whole logic of the application, makes it possible to think over the efficient transitions and layout as well as considers all the ways to make the user experience as positive as possible. App UX design and Mobile App development agency Miracle keen to try different tools of prototyping to test the efficiency of user experience.

Why App Prototyping and App UX Design is so important for business?

The value of prototypes is easy to explain as even the low-fidelity prototype gets the designer, customer, and tester much closer to the looks and functions of the future product than the most elaborate schemes, drawings, and wireframes (UX App design & UI App Design). If you want to feel their efficiency and check if nothing has been missed in the design process, a prototype will be a great help.

App UX  design & App Development Agency Miracle promised to share our experience of work on prototypes and discuss the benefits of different tools. Our UX App Development team consider the main benefits of prototyping and tell you about the tool for this aim called Invision.

What App UX Design & Development agency Miracle can do for you

Miracle App UX Design & Web App Development team has extensive experience of work with prototypes, defines them as the step of vital importance in the process of creating successful App UX Design. Prototyping is much more efficient and useful as the step between UX App design and UI App design. So the workflow should have such a sequence: UX App Design – Prototype – UI App Design.

The first and most important role of a prototype is to check and test the functionality rather than the beauty and appearance of the product. The simplest prototypes have been the paper ones and even they are highly efficient in understanding the main concept of layout elements and transitions.


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