3 common questions with TVP funding
(TVP application)

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FAQ: TVP funding (TVP application)

TVP Miracle-E-commerce

How to avoid TVP scams related to the Technology Voucher Programme?

There are many intermediary companies offering Technology Voucher Programme services that may use various tactics to induce customers to apply for more system expenses than they actually need. These unscrupulous technology voucher consultants often double as technology voucher suppliers, and may induce customers to commit crimes such as making false documents and conspiring to defraud. When caught, they will shift all responsibility onto the customer. Therefore, you should choose Technology Voucher Programme intermediaries and suppliers carefully, and if you have doubts or questions about the contract, do not sign it casually.

If you have any difficulties in opening an online store, you can make an appointment with a Miracle Digital professional store opening consultant for free consultation.

What is the success rate of the Technology Voucher Programme?

The government has not yet announced the latest success rate of the Technology Voucher Programme. However, you can refer to the cumulative total of approved projects published by the Innovation and Technology Commission as of August 31, 2022, which is 38,759, with 8,505 approved projects in 2021; the annual approved funding amount is about HKD 4 billion.

What projects are eligible for funding under the Technology Voucher Programme?

The Technology Voucher Programme provides funding for projects that use technology services and solutions to improve productivity or upgrade and transform business processes. The typical list of technology services and/or solutions covered by the Technology Voucher Programme is included in the Application Guide. Applicants can propose other technology services and solutions that can achieve the goals of the Technology Voucher Programme. The relevant department will consider such applications on a case-by-case basis.

For more details, you may visit https://www.itf.gov.hk/l-eng/TVP.asp and our TVP funding application information.

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