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We understand start-up very well because Miracle is lead a team of former startups who have been started, being invested or exited in the past. We partnered with many talented entrepreneurs to launch various Hong Kong StartUp ventures such as e-commerce platform, web applications, and app applications.

We provide business strategy, product monetization, UX and UI design, application development and digital marketing plan for Hong Kong Startup. As startups budget is limited, we will provide a perfect MVP and digital marketing strategy focuses on gaining the attention of the audience.

How Digital Agency Miracle can help StartUp Hong Kong?

Before we start the project, Miracle work closely with the startup team to validate their ideas and product including business model, monetization methods, brand identity, MVP roadmap and marketing strategy.

Our UX and UI design team is designing the interface with user experience prototype for the startup team to examine the product. By building a prototype, you can quickly weed out the approaches that don’t work to focus on the ones that do. Design a working prototype, your team can demonstrate the functionality to help solidify requirements for the final design.

Digital agency Miracle can do for you

Digital Agency Miracle provides product data analytics to understand what parts of your product could be improved. At the early stages of creating a product, your startup product goal is likely to validate a critical assumption. This could be the product’s value proposition, the main revenue source, or an aspect of the user interaction design.

As a product builder and designer, we are constantly working towards building something better for our startup. It’s impossible to make a great product without great data. Using analytics to track your KPIs can help you craft an awesome product that your users love and quicker.

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