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TCL Communication upgrades its Alcatel website

TCL Communication announced today the launch of Alcatel’s newly upgraded website. Alcatel, a global brand available in more than 160 countries, is committed to democratizing innovation and providing high-quality technology at the most competitive price, empowering its users to create, share, and inspire their world. As such, the brand’s new website has been redesigned to offer a dynamic user-centric experience, with improved navigation and functionality, as well as delivering Alcatel’s full product portfolio at the touch of a finger.

“At Alcatel, our core mission has always been focused on making the latest and best technology available to everyone,” said Peter Lee, General Manager of Global Sales and Marketing for TCL Communication. “In the past, our website was based on the needs of appealing to our operators and sales partners. With the launch of the new redesigned website, we are now laying the foundation for us to expand our sales channels directly to the public and to satisfy users with different consumption habits, and thereby providing us with a valuable opportunity to increase our market share.”

The upgraded website now showcases a variety of new features that optimize the user journey and experience. The minimalistic design concept allows users to instantly find the products they are searching for. The enhancements dramatically reduce the number of clicks needed for costumers to get to know the products, while also directly providing recommendations to the best point of purchase and service locations. Most importantly, the freshly integrated website offers mobile responsive functionality, streamlining user experience on mobile platforms while not discounting any of the optimized features.

“The dynamic redesign of our website is completely focused on the customer experience. We not only want to differentiate ourselves, but we also want to do it in a meaningful way,” said Stefan Streit, General Manager Marketing for TCL Communication. “Digital technology has created a whole new kind of smart consumer, and we want to be sure that we are in sync with the high expectations of these smart consumers. On a product level, we can only do this by democratizing innovation and providing products that are as easy to access as possible.”

Alcatel’s new website is now live at, where users are encouraged to explore the improved functionalities and learn more about Alcatel’s latest offerings. The launch of the global site also signifies the launch of localized versions in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal, Russia, Argentina, and Mexico.

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