TCL PLEX Chatbot Development

TCL Communications was founded in 1999 and best-known as a renowned, Global Mobile Terminal Manufacturer and Internet Service Provider. In 2019, TCL Communications approach Website Design & Development Agency Miracle to build a fully customized Facebook Chatbot to align with TCL's latest Product model's launch - TCL Plex.

We understand the importance of customer journey, and after consulting with the Digital Marketing team, we have identified the following milestones & come up with some practical solutions:



  1. To increase overall Product Awareness & overall Engagement level during the new product launch
  2. To develop a smooth & dedicated user journey with visual content & product information and redirect customers to the new product website ultimately 
  3. To help mobile customers navigate their search through various content and different models and guide you to the online store areas that align with their purchase desires.


Practical Solution:

Conversation Script - We create a flow of natural conversations, align with innovative and visual content; the dedicated and smooth user journey will guide users in finding a suitable device or a solution that responds to their concerns.


Benefits of deploying Facebook Chatbot:

  • Answer inquiries 24 x 7 with no holiday or sick leave required
  • Handle multiple chat sessions without delays between answers
  • Handle peaks in demand without additional headcount concerns
  • Integrate into existing business logic for consistency and speed


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