Renoflat is an online platform that helps clients to choose their desirable interior designers and contractors for household renovation. We also aim to standardize the whole renovation process so to minimize the uncertainty and misunderstanding that may arise during the renovation. Renoflat is property tech startup which founded with a group of energetic and visionary younger people. 

Renoflat approaches Web Design Agency Miracle to create MVP (Minimum Viable Product) website that is aimed towards attracting their main target market audience including the property owner, interior designer and contractor. Miracle Digital provides Business consultation with user story, UX/UI design and developed a user-friendly product which is responsive in Desktop, Tablet, and mobile. 



  • UX design
  • UI Design
  • Web development
renoflat Miracle Digital Screen 04
- Renoflat
renoflat Miracle Digital Screen 00 - Renoflat
renoflat Miracle Digital Screen 03 - Renoflat