3 Most Effective Ecommerce Web Design Tips & Best Practices for 2021

Only 50 milliseconds viewers could have their judgment towards your web design, especially if you are running an eCommerce website. That represents the first impression is really important. 85% of our customers believe a high-quality website is good for businesses, especially your target audience is Gen Z and millennials. The following 3 key design factors might influence site visitors’ perspectives of your businesses by your e-commerce web design interfaces. 

1. Consistent branding 

A corporate eCommerce development website mirrors your company image, decent presence helps you to impress your target audience. Taking an omnichannel approach with your branding will be a good start to offer a consistent customer experience across all your digital channels and store locations. Displaying an intelligible logo on the landing page is vitally important for brand identification. If you’re using an eCommerce website design template for design, suggested colors and fonts that match with your brand will be customized for brand building. 

Brand voice and messaging are the main omnichannel strategy for branding your business. For instance, keeping e-commerce website promotion is the same as in-store and social media promotions. Moreover, it is always good to increase customer engagement by utilizing ChatBot development and video tools. 

2. Clean eCommerce Web design 

Around two-thirds of users have a higher preference to engage with businesses online based on the questionnaire conducted by AdobeOur eCommerce Web Design team believe less is more, too much information in the homepage will overwhelm your potential customers and lower their interest due to complexity. Try to image homepage is similar to visual merchandising, Our eCommerce Web Design team only put the latest or hot-selling items in the storefront. Interacting and tempting the target audience by using precise wordings makes your messages more remarkable and catchier. Setting off white space is beneficial to content-oriented and reduces distractions for site visitors. 

3. High-quality photos 

There is some research showing nice-taking photos will highly increase consumers’ purchase intention. As you can see how popular visual content sharing platforms like Instagram and MeWe are, proving photos and videos are way more eye-catching than pure wording content. A mix of high-quality closeups and distance camera shots on your eCommerce web design will greatly increase consumers’ purchasing intention and lower product return rates. Product shots on your eCommerce website design are not for upselling but also demonstrating corporate market positioning and engaging with target segments. 

At Miracle Digital, we adopt a digital transformation methodology. Though you are outsourcing digital projects, we are your partners for the business’s digital transformation journey. They need to openly share with you how they work from day one in order to build a successful digital product.

Miracle’s team of passionate web designers, web developers & eCommerce web development experts, and VR Solutions professionals can help you bring your ideas to life — whether on the mobile app development, web or simply designing your digital product. If you have any web, app, and software development projects, or are exploring digital transformation for your existing business, get in touch with us!


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